6 Activities When Flipping Your Switch Naturally Occurs

Being “in the zone” can sometimes seem like a concept or a place of being that we must work for. Everything has to perfectly align for us to slip easily into the place of acting without thinking. This doesn’t always have to be the case, though. Finding yourself in the zone can happen naturally during many different situations and activities.

1. Music

Both the act of creating/making and the act of enjoying or partaking in music can allow many to find themselves in the zone. Take, for example, the violinist swaying with the music she makes or the concert-goers dancing carelessly for hours on end.

2. Physical Activity

Organized sports, rock climbing, even weightlifting can all put people in their own zone. This is once again a prime example of participating in the activity or being a spectator. Often, both players & spectators have trouble recalling specific aspects of a game.

3. Gaming or Technology

Playing video games of any sort often finds the players engrossed in what they are doing. There are numerous studies around the zone that players find themselves in and why. Most suggest that it comes down to the level of concentration, the feedback one gets from the game, as well as the clear goals set forth by the creators.

4. Workplace

Unless they already love their work, many people don’t consider how flipping the switch can make their job more enjoyable. However, a busy day with challenging tasks can engross most individuals and make their workday seem to pass faster than usual. This can also happen if an individual has a looming deadline or an abundance of work.

5. E-Learning

More recent studies have shown the benefits of E-Learning, and how it gives many the ability to set their own pace, working within their abilities and time frames, and overall have an experience that allows them to decide when they are “on” or “off.”

6. Hobbies

These activities may encompass one or more of the previous ones. Your hobbies may be reading and a flag football team, or you may be into gaming. Either way, hobbies provide both an escape and an activity that engrosses your mind.

When your switch naturally flips, it can be an eye-opening experience. You may already have an activity in mind that you know does this for you. Or, maybe you now better understand what activities you may want to try.

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