3 Ways to Hack Flipping Your Switch to Quintuple Your Productivity

Productivity is somewhat of a relative term. What may be one person’s highest level of productivity may be another person’s lowest. There’s nothing wrong with that. As humans, we each have different speeds. However, many people are unsatisfied with their level of productivity. They feel that their days pass by and their to-do lists never grow any shorter, just longer. Work piles up, downtime seems unattainable, and the cycle continues. But what if life didn’t have to work that way? What if you could suddenly flip a switch, your switch, and be in the zone? With three simple hacks, this could happen quicker than you think!

1. Take Social Risks

The human body, as amazing as it is, cannot tell the difference between an emotional risk and a physical risk. Therefore, a bear attack seems as scary as public speaking to many people. Upping your social risks is a relatively safe way to force your body into a heightened situation, forcing your brain to focus on the task at hand. You may have only volunteered for an important project, but your body and brain feel like it is fighting for survival.

2. Make Your Environment More Complex

This doesn’t mean decorating your cubicle in crazy colors. It just means to mix up your day, so your brain is a little challenged. This could be something as simple as brushing your teeth with your non-dominate hand or walking to a new floor to use the restroom twice a day. Our brains love routine because it feels safe. Changing up your routines, who you see, and what you do will change your thinking patterns and therefore, the level of focus you must use to complete one simple task.

3. Use Your Senses

Your body has 5 senses. Always do your best to use all 5 of these. At work, you become so focused on your computer screen that you do not notice how your chair feels beneath you. Using all your senses will allow you to be more tuned in to the world around you, meaning you will miss less and be able to pick up on the cues that help others find their zones as well.

Productivity is not a state of being. It is an outcome of focus. Staying focused is easier when you are in the zone. Learning how to hack your own mind to flip your switch will ultimately lead to more productivity.

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